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Mr. Andrew Ford and Ms. Andrea Charles, Proprietors of the Lunch Queen and Creole Queen establishments initially started off preparing sumptuous home cooked meals and transporting them in foil trays for sale to the general public. The demand for their cooking grew very quickly, and to meet this growing demand Mr. Ford & Ms. Charles invested in a food van. This food van would soon after be the cornerstone for what is now The Lunch Queen.

The Lunch Queen very quickly became a local hit, serving up daily the most enjoyable and palatable lunch time fast food menu at a very affordable price. This success in the area of fast food dishes eventually led to an expansion of their offerings. The Creole Queen was established to satisfy the appetites of those who wanted a more hearty lunch than fast food without having to break the bank.

Serving up fresh fish meals daily, the Lunch Queen also offers a number of other seafood dishes. Among these a local favorite being the “Seafood Mix” which is made with fresh ingredients all purchased form local fishermen. Because of the use of only the freshest ingredients, the seafood mix is only available when all its ingredients are in season.

Authentic Creole dishes are also a regular item on our menu, however we prepare a strictly Creole menu around Creole Day, or Jounen Kweyol, which is the local Creole Festival.

We also serve up a mean Barbeque on Fridays as part of our lunch menu and also as an after work lime.

Plans are underway to acquire a new and larger location for The Lunch Queen, to enhance the ambiance of the establishment and create an even better lunchtime experience.

Currently Employed with The Lunch Queen are;
Jermaine Andrew – 7 years
Thelda Cox – 3 years
Sentianna Anthony – 12 years
Christina Cox – 3 years
Bradley Paul – 10 years

Currently Employed with The Creole Queen are;
Andrea Charles – 20 years (Head Cook)
Margarita Louis – 5 years
Sabina George - 6 months

Opening Hours;
7 am to 5 pm Monday to Thursday
7 am until late Friday
7 am to 6pm on Saturday
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